ADC 2018: Breaking into Indie Plugin Development, Part 2

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post titled "Breaking into Indie Plugin Development" in an attempt to share a little bit of the story that led me towards audio plugin development. I wanted to report a little bit of practical detail, trying to answer some of the questions I found myself asking two to three years prior, when considering making audio plugins as a business and a career.

A couple days after publishing my post, my proposal to share a similar talk at ADC 2018 was accepted. This time, I have much more data, so much to share, and I think I can finally answer a couple of the questions that the me of three years ago was asking. I'll post a link to the recording below when it becomes available, as well as a link to the results of a survey I took of other independent audio developers.

Survey Responses: Independent Audio Plugin Developer Report
Survey Data: Independent Audio Plugin Developer

Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson

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